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Village Women #4 - Dhokra Set Of 4 Figurines (brass/bronze)


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This beautiful set of vintage figurines (4) are handmade in the early 70's in the area of West Bengal from the rare and famous art form of dhokra metal casting, where various metals inc brass and bronze are melted down to form these magnificent pieces of craftsmanship.

The four figurines show Indian tribal women in different daily life poses.

Dhokra or Dokra metal casting is another interesting form of craft practised by the tribes of Bishnupur who are known as the Dhokra Damar. This eponymous crafting technique is basically done with wax and the items created have a lovely hue and texture. The process of dhokra casting is also referred to as 'cire perdue' technique or lost wax casting process. Dhokra items have clay as their core material over which wax is coated. After the wax coating, a clay paste coating is applied on the model and dried for some time. The traditional hollow casting method is followed by which wax is replaced by other molten metals usually brass, bronze, copper etc. A number of objects are made from dhokra which include cutlery, jewellery items, house hold items, religious symbols, bells and many more. People who love tribal designs buy dhokra objects to beautify their homes. The art of dhokra is a surviving legacy of the region.