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Pair Of Mini Terracotta Bankura Horses


Product Information

Measures App - Each Item 26cm Height x 10cm x 8cm
Shipping (UK)£4.95

Product Description

Pair of beautiful Bankura horses handmade in India from terracotta said to bring good luck to any household.

The tradition of Bankura horses for religious purposes in Bengal go back a long way, it is said that the potters from Panchmura, a city 16 miles away are the makers of these wonderful pieces of traditional art. 
Bankura horses are counted amongst the most famous crafts of West Bengal. They are used for decorative as well as religious purposes. These attractive horses made from terracotta can add class to any Bengali living room. In fact, you will generally find a pair of terracotta horses in at least one corner of most of the Bengali homes. They not only adorn the ambience but also stand as a symbolic representation of artistic skills and craftsmanship of West Bengal. Interestingly on the packets of most of the Indian handicrafts exported abroad you will find the logo of the famous Bankura horse.