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Indian Lady Terracotta/dhokra Statue


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This Beautiful statue of an Indian lady is handmade from terracotta and coated (sprayed) with gold colour dhokra metals in Bishnipur West Bengal.
The unique piece of craftsmanship stands tall and is in the pose of a female villager collecting water and can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Terracotta Potteries -
Terracotta potteries and artefacts are Bengal's wealth and have a long and glorious history. The theme of the artefact is usually a folk one and quite explicit in its execution. The clay used to make all the handcrafted items is gathered from the river beds, ditches and pits. Usually 2-3 types of clay are mixed to form an alloy to make the world class artefacts appreciated by people. The craftsmen still use the traditional form of kilns to bake the clay pots using firewood, dry leaves and twigs. The pots are baked at a temperature of 700-800 degree Celsius. Not only men but the women also help in creating these beautiful objects. The women potters generally work on the wheels to give the pots their round neck on the upper halves. These round necks are perfect in shape. The potters also make clay dolls and other toys for children. Most of these toys and dolls are cast in burnt clay moulds which are typical of Bishnupur. Not only toys and pots, they also make animal figures, wind chimes and jewellery items from burnt clay or terracotta which is quite famous. The terracotta structures are treasured by tourists.