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Ganesha / Swastika Ghee/oil Lamp (terracotta / Dhokra)


Product Information

Measures App - 20cm Length x 18cm Width
Shipping (UK)£4.95

Product Description

This beautiful Indian ghee/oil lamp is hand made in the West Bengal area of India, made from terracotta and coated sprayed in gold coloured dhokra metals inc bronze and brass.

The design is of the Hindu god Ganesha and includes the religious Hindu symbol of the Swastika, the oil lamp contains 5 separate smaller dishes and the larger one in the centre to place the scented oils.

Swastika / Ganesha

Long before this religious symbol became a symbol of death and destruction under the rule of Hitler in Europe, the Swastika was used as the symbol of good fortune by the people of the Indian subcontinent. 
The word originates from the Sanskrit word Svasti, where sv means well, and asti means is. The word signifies good fortune or good luck. 
It is very popularly seen in Indian households, where it is adorned on the doorways, rangolis, new cars, or for that matter, it is drawn on anything that is newly brought into the household. A customary puja is performed, and the new item is marked with this swastika to bring it long life. The swastika in Indian households in usually painted in red. 
The Swastika is also an emblem of Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god. This god is worshipped before any auspicious occasion, and hence, swastika is his emblem.