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Global Luxury Welcomes Daniel To The Procurement Team

Daniel who runs his own expedition company www.ascentexplorers.com, taking adventurous people on epic journeys around the world, testing their stamina and agility on extreme expeditions, has now joined our procurement team.

With the rest of the globe trekking team he will be sourcing unique products from far flung countries.

Daniel explains.....

'' I'm glad to be a member of the team with Global Luxury, I have a real love for the products these artisans create, such hard work and such unique items that you will not find any where else.

My first trip to India was a real eye opener, travelling through untouched land to small villages where we located the most unique products from the core of production. The vendors are happy with the prices we pay and the customers are happy with the rare and fascinating products we bring back, its a win win situation.So many times I have been travelling and have seen stunning products that I wish I could bring back, either they fit in my suitcase and end up breaking or you find out the cost of sending the item home is phenomenal. We do the hard work and buy in bulk and bring the items to you, products with stories, products with meaning''.