Unique household items, accessories and furniture from around the globe

About Us


A company that brings you luxury products sourced from around the globe, unique items including prestige hand made/hand carved wood products, desirable furniture, accessories and household items that you wouldn't find in your high street store. We use our expertise including 14 years of broking/negotiating and sales experience from visits to over 100 countries. We locate highly sought after products from the core of production bringing you genuine luxury items that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere and at outstanding prices.


Here at Global Luxury, we source our products from all over the world direct from the artisans themselves. The majority of our products are either vintage or antique and are all handmade therefore no product item is exactly identical to the next. Each item has its own character and in some cases may have slight differences or imperfections. All of our items undergo thorough checks and examinations to detail to bring you the highest quality whilst keeping the originality and uniqueness of the product.

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Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any queries - glproducts@outlook.com. 

You can also call us on 01277 418305 on the specified times below.



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